Privacy Policy

As the webmaster of this website, we will do as we deem fit with the information that we gather from you. As users, you can rest assure that we will use your gathered information with precaution and practicality. We at believe your trust in us in an Online Community is important. This notice is to help you to interpret and understand the Terms & Conditions we have while you are using our site. Hence, we would appreciate if you would read through our Privacy Policy before using our site.

What kind of information do we gather?
We store all the information you might provide while using this site in our database. The type of information will include the details you might give when you create a Profile to use on our website. This can include information like your name, date of birth, gender, job title, profession, contact information like mobile number or email address, your IP address and your web browser’s type. You might also be required to give your financial information like Debit or Credit card number if there is a transaction between you and us. There are other type of information you can provide us that we will collect in our database. Your use of site might get disadvantaged to a certain extent if you choose to withhold information. Please do not provide unnecessary information if you want to be secure. We can only do so much to protect sensitive information from you.

How will we use the gathered information?
Our website – is an online community which will serve the purpose of providing information on the designation of our website. Hence, you can find email related articles on our website. These articles will show you how to login or sign up or solve login issues or setting up email settings for your email accounts. So we will know that the information that we gather from you will be regarding to our website’s designation. That information we gather from you will be collected and gathered for analytics purposes. It will not be sold to other third party websites for gain and profit. It will be accessible by other users that we have on this site. As we know spams are annoying, we will not display your email address to other third party sites. But if you choose to display it publicly, you might not be able to avoid Spam.

Normal visitor information
The general vistation information we gather from you is the Normal visitor information. We will then collect those information for Analytical and Satistical Pirposes. Those information are your IP Address, Region, Browser type, Duration of your visitation, etc. They can get shared with other Third Party Websites or we may publish them for marketing purpose of our website.

Third party Websites – Links policy
In our website, we will include links. These links will either be outerbound links or interlinking of our site’s pages. These links are included for easy access or reference for users and webmaster alike. We will warn that we are not accountable for the usage of the websites we provide in our outerlinks. Hence, make you read through their Privacy Policies before you make full use of that particular site. This is because the Privacy Policy on that website may differ from us. It is better for you to not violate the Terms & Conditions of that website as it is considered a cyber crime which is punishable by Law.

We have installed and put up security measures on this website to protect the data we collect and gather from you. Data Security is of utmost importance to us at We do not want private and sensitive information leaking from our website that can harm users and our credibility. We have hence placed suitable physical, electronic and managerial steps to protect all data from misuse.

Cookies are small text file that have a given ID Tag which is an anonymous unique identifier in devices. When you use our website, we may set up such Cookies on your devices which is an automated process. These cookies will no more than gather information like your visitation of our sites. These  cookies can only be accessed by us because we placed it there regarding your usage of our site. These cookies can get stored in your browser’s directory or subfolders of that program data. They help us to track your movements within our site. In other cases, it will make the resumption of that particular site more efficiently. For example, when you are not signed out from your previous use of a particular site. you might not need to go through the login procedures again. You can easily delete them from your computer, mobiles or devices if you please. Doing this will hinder your use of that site so the site may load or respond slower than usual.
You may also choose to enable or disable the use of Cookies in your web browser. By default, your web browser will accept them but you can change that. You can refer to the Help Menu of your web browser for instructions on how to enable or disable the use of Cookies on your browser,

Changes in the Policy will hold all the rights to any change we might make to our Privacy Policy. We believe these changes will be necessary from time to time as it is required by law. Any change we make will be immediately posted to our site. After the alterations, you must accept the new Terms & Conditions.