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    1. You should contact the support team at Telstra. You can get recovery options for your email on the Telstra login page. You can recover your email or password. Please refer to our Telstra Webmail login article for help. Hope it helps you out.

      1. I had similar problems with outlook with server change. My outlook platform immediately started to download complete email history at every startup. Bigpond IT have deleted my account twice and re-installed settings which has taken them the best part of a working day each time. No difference, outlook keeps downloading complete email history. Only way I can use Outlook now is to keep an eye on new email downloads then cancel send/receive when mail has updated since last date used. Of course every time a new email arrives, the whole history download recommences, then another cancel by me.
        I just live with it now as bigpond techs have been no help despite promises that an account delete and reinstall will problem.

  1. I have not had any mail since 8th November on my computer or phone. I was not emailed what to do when you changed over. Could you please help me.

  2. I rang customer service on Wednesday 7 December 2016 to cancel my internet. Subsequently my email account was also cancelled – I did not ask for that. I called again and got Cameron who advised it will be reinstated in 3 to 4 hours. I got in touch with Cameron again twice the following day, Thursday to follow it up. Cameron advised it is ongoing and that I have to wait. It did not happen. I rang again last Saturday, 10 December and got Glen, who advised he will work on it and my email account should be back in 4 hours. It’s Monday the 12th today, I still can not get in to my bigpond account. Would someone give me a proper customer service please? Call reference no. INT1-1002751723362. I can be contacted on 8821 4300 and 9837 4842 after hours. Thank you.

    1. Madam, I do not think that is how it works. You must have an existing service to use the BigPond webmail service. It is not a premium service like Office365 or others. This is a subscriber based email service provided to BigPond, or now known as Telstra, customers.

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